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$250K Tax Free Savings Account Webinars and Guide

Tax-Free Savings Accounts allow you to earn money tax-free now and for the rest of your life!  It is my favorite savings tool!


tfsa workbook

$250K Boost TFSA Workbook

  • Do you have a strategy for earning $250,000 and more in your Tax
    Free Savings Account? We will discuss strategies that have worked over time.
  • Have you started a TFSA yet? If not I will discuss how to set one up. TFSAs are great for savings at any age.
  • I will discuss investment options for TFSAs and how to choose the right one for you.
  • I will show tax rates and how they affect what should be invested in your TFSA.
  • Should you invest in RRSPs or TFSAs? I will discuss the pros and cons with some powerful true stories.
  • I will discuss how TFSAs can affect other parts of your retirement planning like reducing your OAS clawback.
  • I will show why TFSAs are especially suited for both young investors and investors over age 65.
  • I will show the rule of 72 and how you can use it to quickly size up investment opportunities to your benefit.
  • I will discuss how the current volatility in the market can be put to use to boost your savings.

I have written a comprehensive guide that goes along with my webinar that you can get immediately by clicking guide below.
Download TFSA Guide

Here is a choice of three webinars you can choose from – The $250K TFSA Boost.  Webinars run for about 40 minutes, have many tools and strategies to improve your return and you will have a chance to ask questions.

Click this link to Demio Webinar

You will be able to choose between Thursday Nov. 1 at 1pm or 7pm and Tues. Nov. 6 at 10 am.

I will see you there!



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