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IA Excellence News for 2023

IA Excellence News for 2023

Industrial Alliance, Canada’s fourth-largest life and health insurance company, purchased iA Excellence in 2008. This was a Montreal-based life insurance company that had been around since 1962. After the Group management announced the merger of Industrial Alliance and IA Excellence into a single entity, IA Financial Group, the logical conclusion to this strategic acquisition was achieved in January 2020.

By doing business with IA Excellence, now IA Financial Group, you can ensure an unparalleled synergy between Canada’s fourth-largest life and health insurance company and a local player specializing in life insurance. You can also rely on a financially sound company that has a lot of experience in the financial services and life and health insurance industry. IA Financial Group can be found in all parts of Canada as well as the United States.

IA Excellence offers a variety of insurance products for life and health. These are the key lines of this service offering.

Disability Insurance

The purpose of disability insurance is similar to accident insurance – to provide and income when you can’t work. However, this product is specifically designed for work-stoppages, both long-term and short-term. IA Financial Group provides coverage options ranging in price from $300 to $10,000 per monthly, due to the wide range of subscribers’ financial and employment circumstances.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance follows the same path as accident and disability insurance. It is designed to give you the financial support and peace of mind you need after a serious diagnosis.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgages are a long-term commitment, homeowners need to have mortgage loan insurance. A mortgage loan insurance policy with an independent insurer has many benefits. First, your insurance will be maintained even if your bank changes during the mortgage term. Second, your premium amount is set no matter what your health status. Because this product is offered through the same institution, mortgage loan insurance from a bank will generally be more expensive than insurance purchased from an insurer.

Life Insurance

This insurance is an essential piece of many people’s financial puzzle. It’s why it’s never too late to buy a permanent or term life insurance policy. This product will help you meet your financial obligations in the event that something happens, pay for funeral expenses, supplement your insurance, and leave your beneficiaries a tax-free inheritance. There are many benefits to life insurance that every person should consider.

Personalized approach. IA Excellence stands out for its human philosophy, and highly personal customer approach. Its team puts clients first in all of their daily concerns and activities. The Customer and Partner Contact Centre employees make it a point to never allow a call to go to voicemail during business hours. IA Financial Group also has this commitment because it invests in its employees’ professional potential.

Rapid and efficient handling of complaints While it is normal for an insurance company to initiate a process in the event that there is a claim, and to conduct investigations if necessary, it is unacceptable for the insurer to refuse to honor its policies. iA Financial Group will support you every step of the process to ensure fair treatment and compensation in the event of a claims.

Online Tools and Resources


With the rise of technology, IA Excellence Insurance has made it easier than ever for customers to access online tools and resources that can provide assistance throughout the claims process. From filing documents electronically to tracking progression through a secure portal, these digital solutions are designed to make life simpler while providing convenience at every turn. Satirically speaking, this is an example of how insurance companies have come along way since their humble beginnings – no longer do policyholders need to queue up in person or send snail mail in order to get their claim processed!

In addition to increased accessibility and efficiency, the following benefits are available when utilizing IA Excellence Insurance’s suite of web-based tools:
• 24/7 Availability: Customers can submit documentation or track their claim status anytime day or night from any device with an internet connection.
• Security Measures: All data submitted via online channels is protected using industry standard encryption protocols so customer information remains safe and confidential.
• Easy Navigation: Intuitive layouts ensure customers can quickly find what they’re looking for without having to search through multiple menus or pages.
• Real Time Updates: Progress on each request is updated as soon as new information is received by IA Excellence Insurance personnel, allowing claimants to rest easy knowing everything is moving forward smoothly.
• Customer Support Accessibility: Should questions arise during the course of submitting paperwork, support staff members are just a phone call away ready to help out promptly and effectively.

Given all these advantages, it’s clear why many people choose IA Excellence Insurance as their go-to provider for reliable coverage and helpful guidance every step of the way throughout the claims process. With its wealth of resources now available online, there isn’t another option quite like this one when it comes time for filing a claim and getting reimbursement fast.

IA Excellence was established in 1963 as an independent, Montreal-based insurance company. It was then acquired by Industrial Alliance in 2007. The name was changed to IA Excellence. Since then, the company has expanded to the Atlantic Provinces without losing their core mission of client satisfaction. IA Excellence provides life insurance, disability insurance, loan insurance and health insurance. IA Excellence is a leader in the life and healthcare insurance industry. They have been successful through product development, close ties to their distributors, sound management, and investing in their employees.


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