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BMO Life Assurance Company (including AIG Life Insurance)

BMO (Bank of Montreal) Life Assurance Company

BMO Life  (which obtained AIG Life Insurance in 2009) is a large insurance policy provider based from Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

The business is now called the BMO Life Assurance Company of Canada, as well as runs as a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal.

Although BMO offers a variety of various product lines, it is maybe most well-known for its extensive line of life insurance policy policies.

BMO enables you to pick from a variety of strategies including:

Life Insurance For Children
Well Woman Term Insurance
FractureCare Plus
Guaranteed Hospital Cash
Life Recovery Insurance
EasyOne Life insurance policy
EasyTerm Life insurance policy

Although these plans all have their merits, in look at two of BMO Life Firm’s most prominent insurance policies.

BMO Easy Term Life Insurance

The BMO Easy Term Life insurance policy, may be the answer to getting your needs met and your financial future for your family secured.

The Easy Term strategy has a variety of terrific featuress. These consist of:

A guaranteed sustainable strategy till age 85 and a plan with ensured conversion until age 70.
Coverage that is convertible without needing a medical exam. The conversion, nevertheless, is limited to BMO’s term 100 plan.  The policy is offered in quantities up to $200,000 without the need for medical tests. An extended questionairre is obligatory, however, to obtain more details about your health and lifestyle.

Level premiums for the first 10 years of your protection.

Pros: You receive fairly priced term life insurance coverage from one of Canada’s most reliable insurers. You likewise are able to feel great knowing that BMO is supported one of Canada’s biggest banks.

You also are able to easily budget plan for the insurance, as the premiums remain the very same for the very first decade of your protection.

Potential Drawbacks: You lack flexibility in that you just have a single option for converting your insurance strategy.

Overall Value: The BMO Life Guarantee’s Business has a number of upsides to its Easy Term insurance coverage plan. It’s also easy to purchase.  In general, BMO’s Easy Term insurance plan has solid value, and is recommended coverage for Canadians.

BMO Life Assurance Guaranteed Plus Review
Guaranteed issue life insurance is among one of the most expensive types of insurance policy. This is due to the fact that when a company provides it, there’s little they can do to avoid covering risky customers.

If you are  what insurance coverage companies regard to be high-risk, this leaves you in a position where it’s very tough to find an inexpensive life insurance policy.

Luckily, also if you have a serious health problem, Canada’s BMO uses a unique method of keeping you covered at a sensible price.

What BMO Life Guarantee does, is permit you to choose your protection by the premium you wish to pay. BMO’s Life Plus is provided in eight various denominations.

The premium amount alternatives are $20, $30, $45, $60, $75, $90, $100, and $120 monthly.

Once you have picked a regular monthly premium, you’re then assigned a quantity of protection based upon your personal risk elements.

For example, a sixty-year old non-smoker paying a $60 regular monthly premium will have considerably more coverage, than a sixty-year old smoker under the same policy.

This is because non-smokers have a much lower mortality rate. Therefore, if one doesn’t smoke they’re much less risky to an insurance provider.

Another thing to think about, is that you’re not immediately qualified for your complete death benefit. If you die within the very first 2 years of your policy you’re basically provided a refund of your premiums.

If you die during the first two years of your policy, you’ll be returned the premiums you ‘d paid (plus three-percent interest to account for inflation).

Preparation your future, and guaranteeing security for your beneficiaries with the Life Plus policies has a number of pros and prospective drawbacks.

Pros: BMO does an outstanding task of keeping their premiums budget friendly. It’s not uncommon for them to offer clients premiums 20% more affordable than the Canada Protection Plan, and a shocking 50% more affordable than Forester’s Guaranteed Issue policy.

Although the BMO Life Guarantee Guaranteed Life Plus isn’t the most affordable insurance policy, it’s provided at a fair rate. Any complaint about Life Plus being too expensive, simply isn’t valid with how low of charges the company can charge for special risk situations.

Possible Drawbacks: Although BMO’s Life Plus policy is fairly priced, it isn’t versatile. Your health condition and other risk factors limit the quantity of protection you can insure yourself with.

If paying $120 a month isn’t really enough for BMO to offer you with the security you require, you may not have many other good options.

You’re likewise not protected against any accidental death in the very first 2 years of your insurance plan.

As a client, BMO will not offer you with the most inexpensive rates, but you’re still getting great value for the premiums you are paying.


There’s a reason A.M. Best Business provides BMO Life Assurance Business a Financial Strength Insurance provider Rating of A.  BMO is a company with long-term integrity, and a tradition of satisfying its obligations to clients.




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