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Desjardins Financial Security Life Insurance

Desjardins Insurance
95 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1N7

Toll Free: 1-800.685.7223 (option 1)
Phone: N/A
Fax: 1-888-716-4355

Web Addresswww.desjardinsfinancialsecurity.com
Email Addressinfo@desjardinsfinancialsecurity.com

Desjardins Financial Security Life Insurance

Desjardins is one of Canada’s largest banks, is often ranked among the 50 most secure banks and financiers in the world.

Over 100 years, the Desjardins network has developed and diversified its activities in parallel to the Quebec social and economic growth. Desjardins is one of Canada’s largest financial companies today. It has always remained true to its founder’s philosophy: to improve the well-being and prosperity of Canadians.

Desjardins Group is a unique Canadian bank. Although they are a cooperative credit union rather than one bank, they operate in much the same way as major banks. This group includes around 300 credit unions that collectively serve over 1000 locations.

Although it is not among the five largest Canadian banks which would include RBC. BMO. TD Bank. CIBC. and Scotiabank, Desjardins Group ranks sixth in assets with roughly half of the assets of CIBC.

Desjardins Financial Security is Desjardins Group’s life and health insurance arm. It is Canada’s largest cooperative financial group and the most prominent financial institution in Quebec.

Desjardins Financial Security has its head office in Levis, Quebec. There are branches in many cities throughout Canada including Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg. They are responsible for more than 5,000,000 Canadians and manage over 100 billion of assets.

Desjardins has a variety of term life insurance options that can cover your fixed-term needs, such as mortgage coverage or lifestyle protection. Based on industry standards, the product provides a variety of features and benefits. The company offers pure term life insurance with four options: 10-year, 20 year, 30-year, and to-age 65 coverage.

These 10-year and 20 year term products are automatically renewable up to the age of 85. They can also be converted into permanent protection to meet long-term requirements. Although the longer-term 65 product can be converted to Desjardins permanent life products, it does not offer renewal.

Desjardins life insurance pros

  • Multiple benefits and riders available, allowing you to add on additional coverage.
  • Comprehensive coverage through one provider: comprehensive coverage for critical illness, disability, and other products
  • Multiple applicants can be covered by the same policy. One policy can provide basic life insurance for a whole family.
  • Capability to convert short-term products into long-term insurance products.
  • Multi-policy discounts can result in significant savings over the duration of coverage
  • Online services and account access


Their online newsletter, which is published every other week, contains informative articles on taxation, savings and insurance.

Desjardins Financial Security Life Insurance Mission:

  • Desjardins aims to improve the economic and social health of individuals and their communities.
  • In developing a cooperative network of financial services that are profitable and secure, which is owned and managed by members.
  • By informing its members, officers, and employees about democracy and the economy, solidarity, individual and collective responsibility.

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network offers stability, support and guidance from multi-disciplinary financial professionals. You can also choose from the best products on the market. Our independent advisors will be there for you at all stages of your financial journey.